Solar/PV Installation

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Solar energy is becoming an important part of our energy future, and the City of Fayetteville is committed to helping our residents with their solar energy needs. Through a combination of utility rebates and new technology, solar electricity continues to become more affordable.

The City of Fayetteville adopted our Energy Action Plan in 2017, which calls for 100% community-wide clean energy by 2050. In a major move to achieve the goals of the Plan, the City of Fayetteville recently completed installation of a 10kW solar array farm with 24 Mwh of on-site energy storage at the Westside Water Treatment Facility. This system is designed to generate 100% of the treatment system’s energy needs. This project increased the use of clean energy by City facilities from 16% to 72%, bringing us closer to our goal of 100% by 2030.

As a part of our commitment to encouraging the development of small scale solar energy projects in our community, we have also designed a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Permitting Checklist to make submitting for permits easier for our customers.

  • Most projects will only need a Building Permit and an Electrical Permit. Accessory use installations are allowed "by right” in all zoning districts.
  • Only ground-mounted principal use (no other structures on the chosen parcel of land) installations will require additional Development Review.
  • Electrical Permit Applications require a licensed master electrician; Building Permit Applications may be submitted by the owner of the property or a contractor. A general contractor’s license is not required if the project value is less than $50,000.
  • Permit application submittals must include:
    1. Site diagram showing relative location of major components
    2. Standard electrical diagram
    3. Specification sheets for major components and mounting system
  • The City of Fayetteville has committed to performing required reviews of rooftop installations within three (3) business days; small installations may be approved at the permitting desk. Large and complex installations may require up to ten (10) days for a complete review.
  • Two (2) inspections by Building Safety staff are required prior to interconnection with the Utility (AEP/SWEPCO or Ozarks Electrical Co-op): Building Final and Electrical Final. Both inspections can be performed during a single visit by Building Safety staff. Click here for inspection requirements.
  • Inspection requests will be honored on the next business day. Click here to schedule your inspection or call 479.575.8238.
  • Interconnection times can be greatly reduced if COF inspections coincide with Utility inspection.
  • Click here to see where solar projects have been permitted/installed in the City of Fayetteville.
  • For more information about other City of Fayetteville projects and programs visit the Sustainability Department.