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Fayetteville Animal Services Adoption Application

  1. Fayetteville Animal Services - Pet Adoption Application

    Our goal is to find permanent, loving homes for companion animals. To help make a forever-match between you and your prospective pet, we evaluate animals to determine if they will be suitable family pets. In selecting a pet, please keep in mind that all animals - like people - have different personalities and that some behaviors can be breed-related.

  2. Which of the following best describes your home?

  3. If renting, are pets permitted?

  4. Is the pet going to be a gift?

  5. Please tell us about the pets you have owned in the past 3 years.

  6. Pet Number 1

  7. Spayed or Neutered?

  8. Pet Number 2

  9. Spayed or Neutered?

  10. Pet Number 3

  11. Spayed or Neutered?

  12. Pet Number 4

  13. Spayed or Neutered?

  14. If you currently own other pets, are they current on rabies vaccinations issued by a licensed veterinarian?

  15. By signing below, I certify that all information provided will be found true and any misrepresentation of facts on my behalf may result in denial of adoption. I understand that:

    Pets up for adoption are the sole property of Fayetteville Animal Services.
    Filling out this application does not guarantee me a pet.
    Placement of animals is at the discretion of Fayetteville Animal Services.
    I am authorizing investigation of all statements I have provided on this application.
    A representative of Fayetteville Animal Services may contact me in the future to follow up on the success of this adoption.
    Although Fayetteville Animal Services has provided initial vaccinations and spay or neuter surgery, all pets should see a veterinarian in the 1st few weeks after adoption.
    Any pet adopted from Fayetteville Animal Services may require special training for behavioral problems and understand that it will be my responsibility to try to resolve these issues before returning the pet to Fayetteville Animal Shelter.
    The adoption fee is non-refundable.

  16. For Adoption Counselor Use:

  17. Checklist for Adoption Counselors to Discuss

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